Monday, March 5, 2012

The Wiles of a Woman in Red

Women wearing the color red. This seems to be a common "stunner" stereotype for men. She is so distractingly gorgeous that he can't but feel helpless.  Now, there is an actual scientific explanation for this mysterious phenomenon. According to an article on Science Magazine, (The Red Dress Effect) men rate women wearing red clothing as more interested in sex.
A simple experiment was done by Adam Pazda et al (an evolutionary psychologist from the University of Rochester), in which 25 men were shown pictures of a woman wearing red or white t-shirts. They were then asked to answer how they gauged her receptiveness to sex. The results? Men rated the woman dressed in red about 1-1.5 points higher in respect to being sexually receptive. Simply stated, men find that a woman wearing red is a "come hither" signal, thus she would be more readily accepting of any type of romantic advance.

Well here is finally an explanation for all the red and pink we see at Valentine's Day. And now we understand why lingerie is so popular around Christmas and Valentine's Day. Where does the preference come from? Scientists believe it passed down from our own evolution. When many female primates become fertile, their estrogen levels peak, opening blood vessels and flushing their faces. This "cue" is enough for the males to make their move.

So ladies, looking for some attention? Wear red on your next occasion. And guys? At least you are now aware that a lovely lady in red will probably catch your attention. Just be careful how you pursue, as the red may be a misleading clue.


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  1. Wow, interesting that there actually is some science behind it. I'll be curious to see if that has an effect on me :-).